History of Selfie Stick

The History of Selfie Stick –¬†First Selfie Stick Designed by Robert Cornelius

People are obsessed with selfies today and we see them posted all over the internet. Some people believe a guy named Hiroshi Ueda invented this, but was he just a genius inventor who suddenly had the idea or was it someone else?

Well it happens to be that the very first selfie stick recorded came out by Robert Cornelius from 1839. Later on Hiroshi came out with a similar idea nearly three decades ago, but the product was created way before its time. The concept is relatively old, but like most things it has been repackaged over and over again and remarketed to fit in with the modern day agenda.

The Device Becomes Popular

What’s more, at present, the same selfie sticks have turned out to be so famous. However, there is one other person who takes credit for the popularisation of this particular device. He is Wayne Fromm, and he is the Canadian toy and device creator. In the early 2000s, he designed Quick Pod, which is an extendable selfie stick. He informs that he was uninformed of Ueda’s design, and this device became popular based on his model.

Commercial Success Based on¬†Wayne’s Model

As a matter of fact, Wayne’s products are selling well in today’s market. However, few other local industries are creating duplicated items. Despite that, Wayne feels contented that people find his creation valuable and fun. He is happy that the world has embraced the selfie stick.

beach selfie

During the past five years, this trend has increased dramatically. More travelers feel the urge to show people that they were present in that place, and hence they use this device much more. As people started using Smartphone, they are not comfortable in giving their valuable device to stranger; instead they opt to use the selfie stick. This way, no one will have the chance to run away with such costly Smartphone.

However, there are some who just hate this device while others just love it. At present, in some major events, venues and conferences have banned this product. Apart from all that, youngsters still use this product, and even older people are catching up to this trend. The selfie stick popularity is not going anywhere until a better innovation was created.

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